Translation Services

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LogoENLTranslation is much more of a creative than a technical process. With very well-developed linguistic skills in both Dutch and English, a wealth of experience writing both fiction and non-fiction, and background knowledge in fields as diverse as biology, finance, and ICT, I am available to translate in both directions:

  • English to Dutch
  • Dutch to English*

I work for an hourly rate or a per-word fee, whichever best fits the job. Contact me for a quote or for more information.

My translation experience includes:


* Ideally, any translator you hire has the target language as their mother tongue. So while I am perfectly willing and able to translate your texts into English, I can highly recommend Dutch American Translations, and their native-speaker translator Grayson Bray Morris.

Exceptional Quality

Thanks to ITeach translator Floris, it turned out to be possible to obtain an actual translation on very short notice in the difficult domain of ICT. This translation needed to be of exceptional quality because of the international launch of our product.

Floris made a confident launch of our our product possible for our international user base, in a very short time.

Stefan de Jonge, MindsUnlimited

Immediately Useable Translation

Translator Floris Kleijne was available on extremely short notice and able to deliver the translations we needed within 24 hourts. The English source text, a combination of commercial, technical, and scientific texts, was converted into naturally flowing Dutch; the translated texts were immediately useable in our investment proposal.

dr Rens Vandeberg, program director NanoLabNL