Hold It Right There!

[ Read this in Dutch ]

Wow. That was fast! My painful efforts to cut What happened while Don was watching the game down to half its word count payed off. It took Andromeda Spaceways just a little over two weeks to produce a hold request, which means the new, lean version of the story breezed through the different reading rounds at incredible speed.

A hold request means that the slush reader passed the story to editors, who did the first round of reading, and it passed that hurdle too. The story has now been accepted by ASIM as publishable. They’ll hold on to it for a few months, until one of the issue editors decides to include it in his issue. (The job of issue editor rotates around the cooperative that ASIM is.) Or, if none of the editors want it for their issue, it will be released back to me.)

This is the closest I’ve been to an actual story sale in years. Cool!