Maand: augustus 2015

Minding The Bees

A little over three months days ago, I decided it was time to stop procrastinating, and begin making writing a regular part of my life, a given, a habit not easily broken, like sleeping, eating, reading, and bodily functions not normally mentioned in polite company. My approach was to demand of myself that I write […]

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It Was Tenty Years Ago Today

Has it been a decade* already? The calendar says it has. The 19th of August, 2005, in the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, Washington, I had the honor of receiving the Writers of the Future Award from none other than Frederick Pohl and Jerry Pournelle. Since most of the good things that happened in my […]

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Non-Puppy Nominees Sweep The Hugos

With the winners of the 2014 Hugo Awards announced, we can finally see how the Puppies affected not just the ballot, but the final votes. It looks like either the works that were not on the Puppies slates were of a consistently higher quality, or that the Hugo voters decided en masse to mostly ignore Sad […]

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Met nog elf dagen te gaan tot de deadline voor de Harland Awards 2015 (de vroegere Paul Harland Prijs) besteedde Amsterdam FM vandaag aandacht aan deze oudste, grootste, meest gerenommeerde verhalenwedstrijd in de fantastische genres (SF, fantasy, horror, magisch realisme, slipstream en alles wat daar nog omheen en tussen bestaat). En als Amsterdamse zender wilden […]

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