A Dragon’s Nature

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zeer kort fantasyverhaal

De rovende bende dwergen vinden in de schatkamer die ze begeren niet de verwachte draak, maar slechts een goblinmeisje. Dit wordt een makkie… of niet?  Het hele verhaal is te lezen op Daily Science Fiction.


A Dragon's Nature


The raiding party piled out of the tunnel in a cacophony of heavy breathing, weaponry, and increasingly exasperated hushing noises. I dragged myself from my slumber atop the highest mound in my hoard to sniff out their scent.

Dwarves. Who else.

Sighing, I reached for the bottle of lamp oil, and mentally prepared my pilot light spell. The dwarves had extinguished their torches, probably in a vain attempt to hide their approach, and stumbled around cursing in the pitch darkness. Mumbling the spell, I took a large mouthful of oil.

Then I exhaled over the flame in my palm, and sent a tongue of bright fire twelve yards long towards them.