What happened while Don was watching the game

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kort fantasyverhaal

Als haar man zo afgeleid is door de komende voetbalwedstrijd dat hij hun kleine Donny in de auto achterlaat, heeft Marjorie geen keus: ze moet het kind terughalen uit de automatische parkeergarage. Maar ze ontdekt al snel dat de ingewanden van hun woonblok diepere en duisterder dieptes hebben dan ze ooit had verwacht… 



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What happened while Don was watching the game


Little Donny was on the floor near the fast food pile, wrapped in some kind of blanket, between two of the… Goblins, she admitted to herself. They had to be Goblins. They were facing away from her, and seemed to be in a heated discussion with another Goblin, larger than the rest, wearing more and better clothing, as well as a weird kind of crown.

A faint childhood memory surfaced, of a teenage girl in some movie mumbling, “You’re him, aren’t you? The Goblin King.”

Fury rose in her. Ignoring everything else, she strode towards the three Goblins surrounding her baby. She’d crossed half the distance when the creature she’d dubbed the Goblin King noticed her. He silenced the two others with a gesture. They turned around and watched her approach.

A few feet away, she stopped. Ignoring the other two, she faced the King. Half-remembered ritual words bubbled from her lips.

“Give me the child! Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered…”

Startling her, the King spoke. His voice rattled and squeaked.

“Oh, rubbish! Don’t come to me with your movie nonsense!”