The End Of The I-Parcel Affair

Attempted Logistics – The Continuing Ineptness of I-Parcel – How I-Parcel Managed To See The Future (Or Lie) – The End Of the I-Parcel Affair – The Saga of UPS and i-Parcel Continues – Customer Service Done Properly Sadly, the Case of the Misplaced Parcel has petered out without a satisfying conclusion one way or the […]

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The Beeminder 100,000 – So Far, So Good

I quietly passed the two-thirds mark this week of my endeavour to write (edit, revise, translate, critique) a hundred thousand words in 2016. Beeminder has been a tremendous help in keeping me on track. In the 66773 words I’ve counted so far*, I have: written a single 300-word review; translated 3000 words of non-fiction; created […]

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De Uitdaging Opschroeven

Honderd woorden per dag was te makkelijk. Het hielp iets toen ik de uitdaging opschroefde naar 150, maar nog steeds bouwde ik een enorme buffer op die me in staat stelde om dagen over te slaan en nog steeds een voorsprong te behouden op Beeminder. De Retro-ratchet-functie (de doelcurve omhoogschuiven om de buffer te reduceren tot […]

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Minding The Bees

A little over three months days ago, I decided it was time to stop procrastinating, and begin making writing a regular part of my life, a given, a habit not easily broken, like sleeping, eating, reading, and bodily functions not normally mentioned in polite company. My approach was to demand of myself that I write […]

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