36 Reflections

New Year’s Eve does nothing for me, but on my birthday, I always get a bit reflective. And this time, there’s rather a lot to reflect upon. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to believe all this good stuff happened in a single year of my life.

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Worth Every Cent

Flying to London last Sunday with my girlfriend to attend the London Book Fair, hang out at the New Era (Galaxy Press) booth and meet publishers, I was very aware that by ratio of money spent to hours at destination it might very well be the most expensive trip I’ve ever undertaken. We arrived at […]

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Chrono-Displaced Persons And Other Brilliance

Recommendation: read Audrey Niffenegger’s ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’. Nuff said. … Okay, I relent. The cleverest time travel tale I’ve read to date as well as a deeply moving love story and a whirlwind tour of three decennia of American contemporary history, TTTW is a book that shook me to the bone and left me […]

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Random Thoughts on Bliss

Every new beginning implies the end of something else. Love can be so great it hurts. To cease to be alone is to acquire a brand new set of fears. But It’s All Worth It.

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Murphy Felony

I had a first date last night. A blind date even, or rather, a nearsighted date, since we had already exchanged emails and photographic proof of our existence and appeal. In the 90 minutes between coming home from work and departing for the date, it is always hard to decide in which order to perform […]

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