Month: March 2007

Dark But Welcome Wisdom

In the words of Alfred Beesley, ‘Lucky’ James Dixon’s roommate in ‘Lucky Jim’: “A spot of good news to take home with me for the week-end.” ‘Prisoner of War’ has been lurking at the Dark Wisdom offices for almost four months, so I decided to send them a query email today. The unexpectedly quick reply […]

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Citizens of an Ageless Country

Though as an unexpectedly fervent patriot I must admit to believing my country has the drop on most others in a lot of fields, there’s one essential aspect in which most every country in the world outdoes The Netherlands without effort. The United States have the Fourth. The French celebrate le Quatorze Juliet. As a […]

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Happiness Is Not a Warm Gun

Tim Weber of BBC News wrote an article covering a forum discussion about what makes people happy. I believe all members of the forum are wrong.

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