Bringing Down the Mast

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short SF story

To deal with his enemies in the post-apocalyptic Netherlands, Grand Allocator Ferdinand first needs to die. And his job is merely getting started after that… 

Publication history

Bringing Down the Mast is the English version of the Dutch story De Val van de Eremast, which was shortlisted for the prestigious Dutch Harland Award in 2016.

Bringing Down the Mast


I don’t feel a cap on my head.

I don’t feel my head.

And when I reach for my head, nothing happens.

I don’t have hands.

Involuntarily, I glance down, but while my field of vision obeys my mental command, I feel movement neither of my head nor my eyes.

And though I recognize the glass walls and micromanipulators inside the containment silo, my sight seems blurred, as if through a murky haze. Vertigo assails me, doubling when I realize the sinking feeling doesn’t have a stomach to accommodate it.

It dawns on me…