A Sell Your Own Adventure Story

ProcessSooo… you’ve written an English-language story, have you? And you’d like to sell it?

The process of going from idea to published story is usually prolonged, can be tedious, and above all opaque. Particularly if you don’t know where to start. Some people have the talent, credits, daring, and intrepidness to find, take, and succeed in using shortcuts. This blog entry is not for them; I don’t know the shortcuts and lack the daring. I do know about the main road though, and thought I’d share what I know with you guys.

Because I like to chop things into neat, bite-sized bits—and also because I’ve just read a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story on Daily Science Fiction—I thought I’d do the whole thing as a series of clickable, branching sub-blogs. This may drive you nuts, but if it does, rest assured that I, at least, had fun putting it together 😀

To begin, click here.

PS: If at any time you get lost, don’t worry. Getting lost in a narrative is what writers do.