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Sleeping Beauties: An Almost Evil Vintage King
22/01/2018 | 0

As a metaphor for what’s wrong with present-day American society and culture, this book is a success. But not the way Steve and Owen intended, I think.

On the surface,…

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Dropbox And Boxifier: What A Team!
06/01/2018 | 0

Bofixier is the extra app that all Dropbox users have never know they’ve always needed.

Dropbox is awesome. I assume you all know this….

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Prayer And Priorities
14/12/2017 | 0

Tonight before bed, both our sons (eight and six) suddenly* decided they wanted to pray**. Since we choose to allow our kids the freedom to believe what they want,…

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A Guide to Solving Rubik’s Cube
23/10/2017 | 0

Blast from the past: my not-quite-eight-year-old son suddenly wanted to own a Rubik’s Cube. A couple of his…

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