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George And The Winged Dragons?
17/04/2019 | 0

A very extensive review appeared in The Levant yesterday of Robert N. Stephenson‘s anthology Worlds of Science…

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How Shazam Worked Before Shazam
04/03/2019 | 0

Last week, while waiting for my train, I heard a song that I just had to identify. I held up my phone, tapped Shazam, and in seconds, I knew it…

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Back To The Fifties With Apple Family Sharing
03/03/2019 | 0

Who would have thought that Apple, of all companies, wants to keep their customers firmly rooted in the fifties?

Yes, you can buy early rock’n’roll music in iTunes, but those…

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Awards Eligibility 2018
21/12/2018 | 0

It’s that time of year again, when the remainder of the year shrinks at an ever-inreasing pace*, and the awards nomination season is almost upon us.

If you happen to…

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