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The Excel Features We’ve Waited 25 Years For
06/09/2018 | 0

Two new Microsoft Excel features have a good chance of becoming the most celebrated innovations in Excel history.

No, not the 3D models that Office now includes. Nor any new…

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Reset Buttons Are Evil
13/04/2018 | 0

Dear web designers,

Can you please STOP ADDING RESET BUTTONS to your forms?

There hasn’t been a single user in the entire history of…

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The Rewards of Pig-Headedness
09/04/2018 | 0

Stubborn persistence pays off, as Heinlein teaches us.

Can I have a Hallelujah to that?

All the way back in 2009, when my marriage was only four years…

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Sleeping Beauties: An Almost Evil Vintage King
22/01/2018 | 0

As a metaphor for what’s wrong with present-day American society and culture, this book is a success. But not the way Steve and Owen intended, I think.

On the surface,…

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