Month: January 2008

On Second Count…

Four stories? Yeah, well, but that was ten days ago. To my great cheer and perhaps even greater flabbergastation, those ten days were enough to rack up 9 additional sales of my stories on It’s a bizarre insight into my writer’s mind to realize that selling stories on AnthologyBuilder is at least as exciting […]

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Select Stories

Being out of the loop for a while has its advantages. One is that small things can accumulate into huge surprises. I mentioned a while back that lists four of my stories. Today I discovered that within 4 weeks of going online, there have been 4 sales of my stories to anthology buyers! At […]

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Meanwhile, On The Other Side Of The World

Now I did mean to take a short break after completing my novel in November, but this has gone on long enough! Okay, I have been preoccupied with finding a new job, going on a vacation, and teaching myself MySQL and PHP, but in the meantime, writerly things have been happening, some of them without […]

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