Month: March 2008

Picture This (or: A Puzzling Experience)

Cool thing to try on the web: Zumyn! What was once (about 15 years ago?) an original and innovative artform is now available for anyone with a large stock of digital photographs, a broadband connection, and some patience. Zumyn offers you the opportunity to create an enlarged version of any photograph you care to upload, […]

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Time-Travel Plagiarism

Today I discovered that John Saul is a time-travelling, mind-reading plagiarist. Commuting to my new job by public transport would take me twice the time driving does. Unfortunately, I don’t have the company car anymore my previous employer gave me; my new employer offered me a car, but I was stupid enough to do the […]

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Alan Parsons Had It Wrong

We all know Microsoft is evil. Never mind the tons of brilliant software they produce; the mere fact that they’re as close to a monopoly on office software as makes no difference, proves their fundamental badness. And in their lovely little song “Nothing left to lose” (from the magnificent “Turn of a friendly card” album), […]

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