Month: July 2008

The Complete Works

After its first appearance in Leading Edge Magazine, my latest story Diamond Sharks is now available from AnthologyBuilder as well. This means that AnthologyBuilder has a complete collection of every story I’ve ever sold: Deep red, Conversation with a mechanical horse, Beans and marbles, Meeting the Sculptor, and Diamond sharks. A complete collection of my […]

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I Want To Ride My Bicycle

My wife and I made a 600-kilometer circuit of the central Netherlands by bicycle a few weeks back; during that wonderful trip, I’ve learned that riding a bicycle is one of the best ways to see a country up close.* The Dutch countryside, I’ve discovered, is so pretty it looks like a foreign country. Of […]

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Now On Podcast: Deep Red!

Okay, okay, not now, but at least soon. The online podcast market PseudoPod accepted Deep Red for publication today, meaning that at some point in the near future (by fall, I’d guess) there will be a podcast MP3 available from their site. This makes the third reincarnation of the story, after first appearing in Futures […]

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