Month: November 2008

Now On Podcast As Well: Deep Red

Accepted by PseudoPod four months before their sister podcast EscapePod accepted Beans and marbles, my suspense story Deep Red was finally produced by PseudoPod and uploaded to their site last Friday. (Oddly enough, they didn’t think to actually let me know it had gone up; I discovered the fact through a (very infrequent, of course) […]

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Ultimate Democracy

Responding with outrage to the option offered to patients in a Haarlem hospital of paying money to move up in a surgery waiting list, a Dutch congress member expressed her view of the democracy of the health care system: The governing principle of our Health Care System is, after all, an equal level of health […]

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Now On Podcast: Beans and Marbles

Beating PseudoPod by lightyears (they’ve been sitting on Deep Red for four months now), EscapePod has gone from acceptance of Beans and marbles to audio production in under a week. You can get the podcast from their site (or directly from my own site, but let’s face it, they deserve the traffic). Enjoy the listen! […]

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Bean Pod

Just last night, editor Steve Eley over at EscapePod informed me that he would be delighted to buy Beans and marbles for podcast publication. That’s the second story that will soon be available for your iPod! Besides the obvious thrill of receiving an acceptance letter, it also gave me a moment of bemused contemplation at […]

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The Resurrected Prisoner

Think Kindergarten Cop meets 28 Days Later. Think The Goonies meets Evil Dead. About 4 years ago I had an interesting nightmare about children with the Evil Eye. The nightmare inspired a short horror story entitled Prisoner Of War. On Critters, the story collected about 20 rave reviews (great on the ego, useless as critiques). […]

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Job Opening At Help Desk Call Center

Marvelous job opportunity for the outrageously obnoxious and terminally thick! Have you been fired as drugs mule? Been found too stupid and anti-social for the gang life? Failed as child pornographer? Apply now! Job tasks include: blindly assuming all callers are idiots deliberately misreading, misunderstanding and misconstruing every word in each caller’s question in discussions […]

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