Month: February 2010

Cover Art

Somehow I forgot to post about the manuscript I turned in to Mynx four weeks ago of the Paul Harland Prize anthology I edited for them. It will appear in two months, at the Elf Fantasy Fair 2010, and I’m fairly proud of the result. (Publisher Jürgen sent me a sneak preview of the cover artwork […]

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Happy Birthdate Dear Country

Such excellent news! In a previous post I lamented the deplorable lack of a national birth date of the Netherlands. Three years later, the news reports that our former Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers has been asked to lead the celebrations of our country’s Bicentennial in a few years. Not only is it obvious that my […]

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Let’s See What’s Behind Door …

I just love game theory. In the final play of a popular Dutch quiz, the remaining candidate is presented with three doors. Behind one of the doors is the Grand Prize. The candidate picks a door. Something happens. The chosen door opens. The Grand Prize is there, or it is not. Few quiz games are […]

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