Month: August 2010

Are Jews More Vulnerable Than Muslims?

I’m not the one taking sides here. Our justice system is. Some time back, all the Western world rallied to the support of a Danish cartoonist, who had had the gall (or balls, depending on your POV) to draw a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed with explosive headgear. The death threats to himself and his […]

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All This For Little Old Me?

Well, they did emphasize I would probably receive one more issue after I canceled my subscription to Scientific American (temporarily, to give myself a chance to catch up on two years of back issues). But I never expected to be the target of the far-from-hidden message contained in that issue…

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The Life and Death of George Hayes

And suddenly there were the first 1,000 words of a new story, inspired by the mysteries surrounding one George Hayes. His name first turned up last year, on our map of the Azores Islands, marking a spot on the shore of a crater lake on the island of Sao Miguel. Oddly enough, no one on […]

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Planet of the Apes

Pacifists, don’t ever again tell me that man invented war. Last night, in the Jungles episode of BBC’s Planet Earth series*, my wife and I watched in growing horror as a giant group of chimpanzees sent out an invasion army to occupy their neighbors’ bit of jungle, which happened to contain some fig trees the […]

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