Month: July 2011

Wanna Know What Happened?

At last, another of my stories in print! What happened while Don was watching the game saw the light today, when the Summer 2011 issue of Big Pulp Magazine was published. It’s a lighthearted tale of marriage, parenting, miscommunication, and the Goblins that live under automated car parkings. And something billows in it, which is […]

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Progress And Priorities

Another 1,100 words written, with Friendly Fire about two-thirds through. Somehow, a second child is a great help in prioritizing everything else. With hours to spare every day, it’s tempting to do a bit of this, and a bit of that, and some of the other, until suddenly time’s up and no words have been […]

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The subs and subs of George Hayes

The life and death of George Hayes, a story inspired by an oddity on a Falk map of the Azores and my subsequent less-than-successful Google search, is now with Asimov’s. After writing 1,000 words in the summer of 2010, and another 8,000 in November in hurried preparation for the 7th Villa Diodati Writers Workshop, and […]

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