Month: May 2014

Freedom From Opinion

Don’t get me wrong: I love the Internet and what it has done for freedom of information and freedom of expression. No human invention has advanced the species more.* But the downside of freedom is, of course, that it’s freedom for everyone. That is a downside on Twitter in particular, where the 140-character limit does […]

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Short Story Theme Week on FantasyWereld

Keep your eye on this week! The popular Dutch speculative fiction website FantasyWereld is hosting a Theme Week dedicated to the short story. Free stories will become available all through this week, and stay available after the week ends. I’ve contributed the SF story Diamanthaaien, the Dutch translation of Diamond Sharks, marking the first-ever appearance […]

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Now Available: Dumb Son (horror podcast)

Poor, mentally challenged Toby has only two desires: to collect pretty Coke bottles, and to eat those yummy dumpling things in the Chinese place down the road. But his collection of Trophies leads to a confrontation he is entirely unprepared for… Or is he? Narrated in the very fitting sing-song voice of Ben Dooley, the […]

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