Month: February 2015

New! E-books With Personalized Autographs

Starting today, I’m selling e-books of my short stories, with a revolutionary new twist: a personalized autograph, if you want one. It’s simple, really: order the e-book, select one of the autographed options (epub or mobi), complete your order, and let me know what kind of personalization you want. I’ll send you the file, with […]

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Open Letter to the National Lottery

This deserves an English translation. The backstory to this very Dutch matter is here. Dear National Lottery, The Supreme Court ruling—and the fact that this matter was brought to trial at all—primarily demonstrate an appaling level of greed on the part of the complainants, who seem entirely detached from reality. I am dumb-struck that people […]

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Hanging Indent In WordPress

Note: if this post is useful to you, please consider liking or sharing it, or otherwise making me, my blog and/or my website famous… Don’t you hate it when your WordPress theme makes a mess of your numbered and bulleted lists? I’m sure some themes do a good job by default, but a theme like […]

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