Month: December 2016

Rogue One – Definitely A Star Wars Story ****

This review could actually be quite short. The subtitle to the movie says it all: it’s a Star Wars story. So Star Wars fans (which group probably includes all of humanity save some undiscovered tribes deep in the Amazon basin) should go see it. Nuff said. But in the unlikely event you’re here to learn […]

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I Wrote A Hundred Thousand Words In 2016

Well, let me rephrase that. I wrote1, edited2, revised2, outlined1, translated3, reviewed4, critiqued4, and miscellaneous-othered5 100010 words. I set my goal for 100,000 words way back in January, performed some long division, and set up a Beeminder Goal for 274 words a day. Halfway through the year, with Summer approaching, I felt all stressed out […]

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