Meeting the Sculptor

SF novelette

Mark, a lonely thirty-something alcoholic is visited by time-traveler Jolo, who tells him at what precise moment his life took a turn for the worse–and offers to take him back to that moment. Jolo, however, is a Sculptor, an amoral esthete with his own motivations for taking Mark back in time…

Publication history




Sci Fi Dimensions reviewed Writers of the Future, Vol.XXI (2005-12-01):
“All in all, L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume XXI is a treat to read. Even the weakest of the stories and illustrations prove that the future of the sci-fi and fantasy genres is in good hands indeed.

Publisher’s Weekly reviewed Writers of the Future Anthology, Vol.XXI (2005-09-01):
The 21st volume in the anthology series sponsored by Hubbard’s Writers of the Future program may contain no knockouts, but more than a few of its 15 tales by emerging SF and fantasy writers show real talent.