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How cool! AnthologyBuilder has a writer-of-the-month thing, and AnthologyBuilder’s Nancy Fulda just notified me that I’m one of the featured writers for this month! The practical upshot is that this month any custom anthology featuring one of my stories will receive a one-dollar discount.

The perfect opportunity to buy the entire collection, and read stories about a perfume and a naked axe-murderess, a conversation between a man in a cage and a mechanical horse (both naked as well), a dispute about coffee on an interstellar transport, an alcoholic and his time-traveller, and a man with gills. (Don’t forget to claim the introduction I wrote for it.)

Also, I got a lovely little blurb on the AnthologyBuilder blog:

 Floris M. Kleijne has been featured in two Writers of the Future volumes, and has also appeared in other venues. His stories are both energetic and thought-provoking.

Energetic and thought-provoking. I like that.

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