Halfway To 125K

After the success of last year’s attempt to write 100K words, I upped the ante in 2017 and set my sights for 125K. And lo and behold: with a day left in the first half of the year, 62501 words have already been written!

I can’t sing the praise of the Beeminder goal tracking tool enough.

And with the rules I’ve imposed on myself for counting towards my goal the words I’ve edited, written as critique, blogged, or otherwise not drafted as new prose fiction, the actual number of words I’ve worked on so far in 2017 is much closer to 150K.

This is how the numbers break down:

Type of text Words counted Words worked on
New text written
Dutch thriller novel WIP 31175
outline, synopsis, timeline 4042
related materials 498
Short stories 900
Flash fiction 4262
Substantial blog entries* 2002 4008
Harland Awards-related materials 4725
Critiques of other’s work 4843 8239
Other 2000
Total drafting 54447
Dutch thriller novel WIP 4680 46805
related materials 222 1106
Short stories 161 805
Flash fiction 2634 7600
Harland Awards-related materials 357 357
Total editing 8054 56673

* That’s blog entries that are over 500 words long, discuss a topic I care about, and draw a significant readership.