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There was something else as well upon coming home from school camp. A delivery slip from DHL. The two boxes the delivery guy had attempted to deliver are much more interesting, but I can’t resist mentioning his unique approach to filling out the yellow-and-red notification form. It seems he had trouble entering information into the proper fields, so the end result was:

Addressee : Floris Kleijne
Sender : two boxes

That’s even funny if you don’t know that the Dutch word for box (“doos”) is a very improper and sexist way of referring to the female of the species.

Anyway, it wasn’t too hard to guess what the two boxes contained. So without further ado, I give you: my Writers of the future 1st place award (left), and the portrait of Jolo (right) that illustrator Cornelius Cockroft created for my story Meeting the Sculptor.

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