She’s Found Her Voice

There I was, in Bagels & Beans, for my second scheduled block of writing time since Villa Diodati #3, all determined to add at least 1,500 words to the new story Opening Night. But when I tried to open the file, Windows complained about an issue with the Briefcase folder, and refused to let me add as much as a paragraph. So instead, I opened my long-standing sappy romance project Finding Her Voice to see if I could toy with that for a bit.

Turned out I could. A little bit of tinkering, a little bit of editing, two cool cutscenes*, and an entire final scene, adding up to 1,500 words of high melodrama I’m rather proud of at the moment. I’m glad to be able to announce that the heroine does in the end find her voice…

* As an experiment, and just for the hell of it, I’m writing the entire second storyline in the form of dialogues between witnesses.