Writing On A Train, Writing

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Mashup (working title Opening Night) stands complete at 4,900 words. An upbeat tale of gadgetry, friendship, the New York club scene, young love, and Jennifer Connelly*. And underwear**. Things I’ve learned while writing this story on the commuter train to work and back last week:

  • Writing is next to impossible on a widescreen laptop in second class during rush hour.
  • In first class, writing is easy and productive***.
  • An average production of 500 words is doable during my 45-minute commute, with peak production up to 900 words****.
  • Changing from first to third person perspective is tedious work, especially since I can’t stop myself from reverting for first person after every bit of dialogue*****.
  • I want an iPad.

It’s another story of above-average silliness, after Beans and marbles, What happened while Don was watching the game, and Trick or treat. Let’s see what my Villa Diodati friends say about it in two weeks.

* Again. Color me obsessed, but in my defense, I should state that it’s not the lady herself who keeps popping up in my writing mind, but anything related to Labyrinth.

** Though not, I’m sad to report, Jennifer Connelly’s underwear.

*** But affordable only for the week it took me to write Mashup, not as a permanent solution.

**** Who would have thought something good could come of Dutch railway delays?

***** If only my main character wouldn’t say ‘I’ as much as he does…