The Frown

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De glimlach van Mona Lisa was niet zozeer raadselachtig als wel zelfvoldaan, en verraadde haar plezier in het geheim dat verborgen lag tussen Leonardo’s dood en haar in verf bevroren aangezicht. Maar wat als dat geheim ooit zou uitkomen?  Het hele verhaal is te lezen op Daily Science Fiction.


The Frown


A good crowd today. Not the suffocating masses of a holiday, nor the unnerving quiet of a Tuesday morning in February. An art student is earnestly sketching. A group of Japanese tourists take turns posing with me, fingers forked in an incomprehensible gesture that sometimes even hides me from the lens. An elderly couple stands quietly, arms entwined, contemplating me with identical mournful gazes. Behind them, the south hallway of the Denon wing stretches. As always, I am pleased to note that no one walks by without making the turn into my room. Perhaps as many as three dozen pairs of eyes stare at me, mesmerized.

And none of them know who I am.

I shouldn’t look so smug.

But I can’t help myself.