Dear Miss Bus Motormouth,

Do you ever shut up? I’ve had the misfortune of traveling on the same bus with you on numerous occasions now, and am still not sure whether I’m infuriated by the sheer volume of your voice, or jealous of your cheerful disregard for the people around you. In your defense, I must admit that you […]

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Finishing Two Language Versions Of A Story At Once

There once was a Dutch-language science fiction story I attempted to win the Harland Awards short story contest with. I subsequently translated it into English, aiming to have both versions ripe for submission at the same time: the deadline for the new Dutch Edge ZERO market. The process to complete revisions on both versions at the same […]

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Going Babel

Okay, I write in English, I publish in English, and most of my writing friends are English, American, or Australian (or Dutch, but with the same penchant for writing in their second language). That doesn’t mean I’m not still Dutch! High time then to make my website content available in my mother tongue as well. Make […]

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Pfah! to the Language Police

In Dutch intellectual circles, it is considered bon ton to deplore the ever-increasing pollution of the beautiful–and quite self-sufficient, thank you!–Dutch language with borrowed English terms. Oddly enough, these deplorations are usually uttered in sentences riddles with vocabulary originating in Greek, Latin, and French–not to mention German.

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