Month: February 2006

Movie Review: The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

Not quite. That’s about all I can usefully say about the cinematographic version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The cast are all but one not quite well-cast for their respective parts, and deliver their lines not quite convincingly. The acting is not quite good enough, the directing not quite bold and daring. The […]

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CSI Goes Dutch – Science Fiction Writer Pool Depleted

In the news today: In Dutch court today, the DA asked for a sentence of 15 years incarceration for the suspected murderer of Dutch science fiction writer Paul Harland. The author was found dead at his home on June 17, 2003, the victim of an overdose of sleeping pills as well as a plastic bag […]

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We’re Sorry, Here’s Candy

Whatever happened to customer service? Over a month ago, I ordered a computer game that shall remain nameless from an online store that shall also remain nameless. Within three days, the price of the game was debited to my credit card. After that, for three or four weeks of cheerful anticipation on my part, nothing […]

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Always The Last Place You Look

My computer display was acting up. After unscrewing upwards of 20 tiny screws and spending 15 minutes with my arms shoved up to the elbows into the display innards, I ended up fixing the problem by shoving a folded-up card between the on switch and the casing. From the outside. But do I feel frustrated? […]

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As research for a story I’m writing, I wrote an email to the keeper of the nearby Muiderslot Castle, which I want to use as the primary location for the story. Coincidentally, it used to be the residence of Count Floris of Muiden, and that was the second thing the castle keeper remarked on, after […]

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