Month: April 2012

Cloud Writing

We’re living in the future… Springsteen got it right on his Magic album. We are living in the future. Case in point: the proof is no longer in the pudding, but in the cloud, or rather, the Cloud. In preparation for the 10th Villa Diodati Writers Workshop, 21-24 April in Southern England, all participants are […]

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Goodkind’s First Rule

Readers are stupid. This must have been the rule behind the rule, the one Terry Goodkind lived and wrote by when he conceived of Wizard’s First Rule. Wizard’s First Rule is the first volume in his Jordanesque Sword of Truth series, and the book annoyed me in more ways than I thought possible.

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Writing On A Train, Writing

Mashup (working title Opening Night) stands complete at 4,900 words. An upbeat tale of gadgetry, friendship, the New York club scene, young love, and Jennifer Connelly*. And underwear**. Things I’ve learned while writing this story on the commuter train to work and back last week: Writing is next to impossible on a widescreen laptop in […]

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