Month: April 2014

Opening Statements

Here’s the first few paragraphs of my new story The Allocution of Bob Hayward, of which the first draft stands completed at 5250 words: Well Judge, what you have to understand is that Shane is… was no wizard. He wasn’t a magician. Hell, he couldn’t even do card tricks. When we used to play poker […]

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Not Too Shabby

Six-and-a-half years after my first—and, so far, only—foray into NaNoWriMo country, I’ve finally dared to read back the manuscript I wrote in November of 2007, and it wasn’t half as painful as I feared. In fact, I’m rather pleased with it, first draft though it is. It gave me some shivers, chills and actual emotional […]

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Thumbs And Unicorns

Another story was conceived today, thanks to thumb-sucking, Playmobil, and all boys’ desire to take apart again immediately whatever they build. Our two boys are fascinated by the Playmobil Fairies series of products, and have this weekend achieved toy bliss through acquiring two mounted fairy figures, one on a spotted purple horse, the other on a […]

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