Month: December 2014

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served… Free

5 January, 2016: A year later, Marieke ten Cate of the Kindervoedingscentrum, who promised to change her ways after giving me my refund, turns out to have indeed changed her ways. The offending PDF pamphlet, which sold for €27,00 a year ago, now sells for… €27,00 “reduced from €39,95”. In celebration of this shamelessness, I’m reinstating the free […]

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Free read: A Matter of Mass

ETA: SF Comet is now defunct, so the story’s no longer online there. Check out the story’s page for other reading opportunities. In case you missed it, my short SF story A matter of mass, which won the international SF Comet contest this November, is now a free read on the SF Comet website. In […]

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Kindle Editions Now Available!

Kindle editions are now available of my three stories Deep red, Conversation with a mechanical horse, and Meeting the Sculptor, with brand new cover art, and and afterword about the origins of each story.   

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