Month: April 2015

Back To The Future – Of The Hugos

Sometimes, life suddenly makes sense. Earlier this week, I mentioned a blog post by Sad Puppies 3 instigator Brad Torgersen, in which he waxes eloquently about tribalism as the socio-psychological mechanism behind a lot of what we call other -isms (racism, sexism etc). I perceived a fallacy in his use of this well-worded and convincing […]

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Brad Torgersen’s Central Fallacy

Brad Torgerson, ringleader of Sad Puppies 3, wrote this marvellously insightful and extremely well-written piece on tribalism versus racism. He outlines at length, and with many convincing examples, the ways in which human nature’s built-in urge to form tribes is at the root of much of what is considered racism, sexism, and many other isms. He […]

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Sledgehammers and Teacups – My Take On The 2015 Hugos

(For an excellent breakdown on what this is all about, read this article by Susan Frisby.) The Hugo Awards voting system is flawed. Raise your hand if you needed Puppies—Sad or Rabid—to open your eyes to that fact. I won’t see many hands in the air, I expect. I personally know writers who actively solicited their fans […]

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