Scientology, Operating Thetans, And Other Silliness

Conclusion WotF, Hubbard, and Scientology

Finally, a word on L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology’s teachings, and what I think of all that.

I have a layman’s analysis of Elrond’s personality written out, including some plausible conjecture about how a pulp fiction author might have grown to become the figurehead and de facto Messiah of a power- and money-hungry church.

I’ve written an analysis-slash-opinion about Dianetics, and how the book compares to similar self-help tomes.

And my text on the more advanced teachings of Scientology, including the story of how the Operating Thetan levels became public knowledge, and how Hubbard worship may explain the less than effective organizational skills of the ASI and Galaxy Press staff, is also complete.

However, I’m going to publish none of it. History has shown that Scientology will prosecute with a vengeance anyone with the gall to publish negative opinions about the church. History has also shown that the CoS has few compunctions about using less savory methods than litigation against people they consider enemies. I am neither an investigative reporter nor an insider, and the satisfaction of publishing what I know and think about these topics isn’t worth the risk.

If you happen to run into me, at a Con or elsewhere, ask me about it.

Conclusion WotF, Hubbard, and Scientology


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