Ninety-Five Point 054 Percent Of Everything

If Theodore Sturgeon is right, I’m in the middle of the 10% that’s any good.

Because–drum roll, please–I’ve passed the 90% 94.245% mark today of my goal to write 100K words in 2016! Yes, you read that right: in the interstices between my wife, my kids, my career, my feeble attempts at a social life, and my need for ever more Netflix binges, I’ve managed to write ninety-four thousand two hundred and forty-five words in the first 94% of 2016!

Cue the chest-pounding and strutting as I slide into the home stretch.

In celebration of this feat, I’m giving a named, speaking part in my novel work-in-progress to whoever wins my guessing game: on what date, at what approximate time, will I write the 100,000th word?

Guesses welcome through whatever channel comes easiest to you. To make guessing easier–or harder, if you’re not statistically inclined–a CSV file with the progress so far is downloadable here. Guesses are closed, now that I’m closing in on the finish line.

(Updated to include the last two weeks of furious writing.)