People Kill People

Let’s get one thing straight beforehand, people. There is no controversy here. Both parties in the gun control discussion agree completely on this. People kill people. Yes, they do. Yessir. Right you are.

But let’s get another thing straight as well, while we’re at it:

A truism does not a meaningful argument make!

In fact, “people kill people” is so fundamentally a truism that, in the gun control discussion, it is meaningless to the point of non-existence. (If guns killed people, the problem would go away, because every gun store patron would be dead.)

To demonstrate my point, let’s try another one for size. Viruses don’t infect people, people infect people. So let’s not try and fight HIV, shall we? Let’s forget about safe sex, throw away the acyclovir, stop the awareness campaigns. (Come to think of it, that is exactly what some of the same people argue about that issue. But that’s a different discussion.) Come on! Yes, people infect people, but it would be a lot harder without the virus.

In fact, let’s take that infuriating truism a few steps further. Let’s see if it is not, all things considered, the strongest possible argument in favor of gun control.

People kill people. Damn right they do. People are, or can be, aggressive, murderous, rage-filled, fatally dangerous. This is the nature of the beast, recognized by both sides in the so-called discussion. Also, both sides seem to agree that killing people is generally a bad thing.

So tell me. Given the nature of the beast, would you then say it is a good idea or a bad idea to provide them with the tools to act on their attacks of blood-lust?

So let me be as plain as I can. If you’re against gun control, and “people kill people” is your slogan, you’re just not a very clear thinker. And if you’re in favor of gun control, and you hear an opponent make this inane statement, embrace him as a brother, for he is making your case for you.

People kill people, damn straight.

So let’s ban guns NOW.

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