The 100K Year – January

So far, so excellent. The first month of my 100K year (the year in which I enlist the help of Beeminder to write at least a hundred thousand words) has yielded:

  • 13580 words of newly drafted fiction, edited or revised fiction, and critiques of other writers’ fiction (taking into account how I tally my productivity, the actual number is closer to 20K);
  • half a first and an entire second draft of a brand new science fiction story for a by-invite anthology;
  • 4 (yes, that’s four) brand new flash fiction stories for the Codex Weekend Warrior context (one of which is being held for consideration at Daily Science Fiction);
  • a very comfortable three weeks of safety buffer (meaning I could take a break and start writing again somewhere in the 2nd half of February–which of course I won’t).
  • above all, the happy and accomplished feeling of having written and been productive almost every single day of January.

February, here I come! Next month will bring:

  • the final round of Weekend Warrior, so another completed flash fiction story;
  • pre-submission revisions on my third Weekend Warrior story;
  • completion and polish of the outline to my Dutch thriller;
  • final layer of polish on the prologue and first three chapters of said thriller;
  • a two-page synopsis to go with the prologue and chapters;
  • sending the whole package out to agents and publishers!