Toby’s Found A Home

[ Read this in Dutch ]

The crowning piece of Good Stuff that happened to me yesterday was an email from Sniplits, informing me (after agonizing over the decision for 449 days*) that they would gladly buy my short story Dumb Son (or TSFKATT: The Story Formerly Known As Toby’s Trophies), for podcast publication. The tale of sweet, mentally challenged Toby, his predilection for Chinese dumplings, and his confrontation with a serial killer, is very dear to me, so I’m immensely happy that the story has found a home.

Toby is my sixth story sold, my third audio sale, the second non-SF, non-fantasy, non-horror story, and (disturbingly perhaps) the first in which nobody dies a violent death (at least, not on-screen).

Look for “Dumb Son” on Sniplits somewhere in August, or perhaps in October (depending on seven separate determining factors, according to the editor, only one of which I have any control over).

* More probably, they spent most of those 449 days working through the rest of their immense slush pile; at least, I can’t imagine someone pouring over Toby’s plight for 15 months.