The Poisson Distribution of Good Stuff

[ Read this in Dutch ]

ilseenfloris Every once in a while, Good Stuff accumulates in such great quantities on a single day that it threatens to short out the brain’s happiness center. Yesterday was such a day.

The day was already a success when I managed to solve a problem at work that had been gnawing at my brain for months. The solution was neat, simple, robust, and working, and so by coffee time I already felt like I could take on the entire world.

After coffee, an email came in. Michiel v/d Pol, the Dutch cartoonist who drew our wedding comic, wrote to let us know that he is able and willing to also design and draw the card we’ll send out once our child is born. The thought of a card announcing our baby’s birth in his unique style made me believe I could take on Mars and Venus along with the world.

A little later, my wife texted me that she had aced her chair massage exam. Mercury, asteroids, come one, I can take you too!

Then the final bit of good news came in, almost shorting out my happiness center, and making me feel like the entire solar system was mine to command.

As the perfect epilogue to a perfect day, the evening brought a wonderful dinner party with dear friends, good food, and wine aplenty.

Sometimes, life’s just this good.