The End Of The I-Parcel Affair

Attempted Logistics – The Continuing Ineptness of I-Parcel – How I-Parcel Managed To See The Future (Or Lie) – The End Of the I-Parcel Affair – The Saga of UPS and i-Parcel Continues – Customer Service Done Properly Sadly, the Case of the Misplaced Parcel has petered out without a satisfying conclusion one way or the […]

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The Beeminder 100,000 – So Far, So Good

I quietly passed the two-thirds mark this week of my endeavour to write (edit, revise, translate, critique) a hundred thousand words in 2016. Beeminder has been a tremendous help in keeping me on track. In the 66773 words I’ve counted so far*, I have: written a single 300-word review; translated 3000 words of non-fiction; created […]

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Upping The Ante

A hundred words a day was too easy. Raising the challenge to 150 helped some, but I was still building a huge buffer that enabled me to skip days and still stay ahead on Beeminder. Retro-ratcheting the buffer (raising the target line to trim the buffer to zero) helped only for a brief time. Let’s […]

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Minding The Bees

A little over three months days ago, I decided it was time to stop procrastinating, and begin making writing a regular part of my life, a given, a habit not easily broken, like sleeping, eating, reading, and bodily functions not normally mentioned in polite company. My approach was to demand of myself that I write […]

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