The Beeminder 100,000 – So Far, So Good

I quietly passed the two-thirds mark this week of my endeavour to write (edit, revise, translate, critique) a hundred thousand words in 2016. Beeminder has been a tremendous help in keeping me on track. In the 66773 words I’ve counted so far*, I have:

  • written a single 300-word review;
  • translated 3000 words of non-fiction;
  • created 3600 words of translation of my own stories;
  • produced over 4000 words of contest feedback;
  • drafted over 7000 words of contest materials;
  • drafted 9000 new words of novel;
  • written 12000 words of critique of other authors’ stories;
  • drafted 16000 new words of short story;
  • edited 33000 words of novel; and
  • edited 107000 words of short story.

Though “only” about 67000 words actually count towards my goal, I’ve actually worked on written materials adding up to 198,506 words. Whoa. That’s a lot of words, people.

Submission StatsSales Stats






And to prove that writing is actually the most important prerequisite for productivity as a writer, this year has also been the most productive in terms of both submissions and first sales (coming in 2nd in total sales with over three more months to go).


* Note that these do not add up to 67K, as different types of work count at different ratios as defined in my needlessly convoluted Beeminder mission statement.