Month: October 2008

She’s Found Her Voice

There I was, in Bagels & Beans, for my second scheduled block of writing time since Villa Diodati #3, all determined to add at least 1,500 words to the new story Opening Night. But when I tried to open the file, Windows complained about an issue with the Briefcase folder, and refused to let me […]

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One Cell In The Sea

Some albums are as close to perfect as makes no difference. Springsteen’s Born to run comes to mind, with only the Night track to keep it from perfection; or Billy Joel’s Innocent Man. One Cell In The Sea, by the fairly unknown band A Fine Frenzy–really just a vehicle for Seattle-born redhead singer-songwriter Alison Sudol–has […]

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Status Report

Story Blathering about story Current word count Rat in het nauw (flash, Dutch) Suicidal rat in Calais harbor. For my mother’s book on umbrellas. Seriously. Brooded over for months, started and finished today.   500 Opening Night (short) Science fiction. Inspired by a brainstorm in Villa Diodati #3, all plotted out and partially written.   […]

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Another Villa Diodati writer’s workshop is behind me, this time in the gorgeous villa Riveloup in Le Bar sur Loup, near Nice, France. And like the previous time, I am left with a sense of melancholia, humility, gratefulness at the proximity of so many wonderful writing minds, and determination to get a firm grip on […]

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