Year: 2021

Pop And The Pirates on DSF

My flash SF story Pop And The Pirates appeared on Daily Science Fiction last Wednesday. Retirement, asteroids, and space pirates! Since my story notes were accidentally omitted upon publication, I’m including those here (you may want to read the story first): While it may not be immediately obvious to the casual observer, this story was […]

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Why Nuclear Power Is Evil

Proponents of nuclear power like to claim that their pet energy source is so clean. I’m mystified by this argument, not mystified as a rhetorical device, but mystified in actual, I’m utterly confused, literal sense. Clean? What do you mean, clean? Have you actually thought this through? There’s no human endeavour less deserving of the […]

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No More Doing The Right Thing

What are y’all cheering about? In the final two weeks of Trump’s presidency, people and organisations are falling over their own feet in their haste to abandon, block, disavow, impeach, or resign. I’m mystified. Trump hasn’t changed. His actions haven’t changed. His words haven’t changed (except that he’s lost his megaphone). He was ALWAYS this […]

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