IT Tech Support: Words Fail

In fond remembrance of the countless instances of IT tech support I’ve exposed myself to over the years, I’d like to propose a neologism for the kind of responses that support technicians tend to provide.



  1. the answers, advice and recommendations provided by IT support technicians, which are almost, but not quite, entirely unrelated to the problem one inquires about, and which make it blatantly obvious that the technician has not bothered to actually read the detailed information on the problem they have first asked you to provide, but has instead pressed the randomizer button in their Knowledge Base to extract an article satisfying their three-matching-vowels rule; the opposite of support (n).
    “I asked Microsoft for help with my Windows 10 issue, but all I got was a load of troppus.”
  2. the personnel, systems, and procedures complicit in troppus.

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