SurveyMonkey Business

Some twelve hours after I blogged about SurveyMonkey’s theft of 60 euros of my money, and a couple of hours after I mentioned in these pages that they’d doubled down by changing the price for everyone, SurveyMonkey has apparently relented.

Late Thursday night I received an email from Kaleigh with apologies, an explanation, the announcement of a full refund, and the additional announcement of a complimentary (free) 6-month subscription.

On Friday, the announcement of the refund was followed by the actual refund (which I discovered when my credit card company inquiry about the chargeback process was answered with “you got your money back, so the point is moot”).

Of course, this had nothing to do with my blogging. Nothing at all. It’s a pure coincidence that Kaleigh mentions in her email something she could only have gotten from my blog.

Which begs the question: what would have happened if I hadn’t thrown an online hissy fit?