Villa Diodati

The Rewards of Pig-Headedness

Stubborn persistence pays off, as Heinlein teaches us. Can I have a Hallelujah to that? All the way back in 2009, when my marriage was only four years old, and I wasn’t even a father yet, we took a trip to the mid-Atlantic island of Sao Miguel. The volcanic beauty and verdant exuberance of the […]

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LonCon3: Stretch Goals Achieved!

If my attendance at LonCon3 had been a Kickstarter campaign, I would be clapping and cheering and sending out rewards right now, because my stretch goals, however implicit, are all in the bag. Modest Plans Admittedly, I had modest expectations of the Con. Attending a couple of interesting panels, getting a couple of my oldest books […]

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LonCon3 Schedule

Also known as Aaaargh! With only a day and a half to go before I fly to London, I’ve finally gained some insight into my schedule and plans for the Con. They seem to involve a lot of talking, a lot of feeding, a lot of drinking, and even a book signing! In between, there’s other […]

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Because, Story

A long, rambling mission statement in which I admit I that need your help WARNING: This post contains writerly soul-baring and navel-staring. Never surrender When it comes to writing, I am my own worst enemy. I found a discussion thread on the forum page of my online writers group Codex yesterday, posing the question most writers […]

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Customer Service – And How To Hit A Return Ace

As if the eventful day of traveling to Villa Diodati 11 wasn’t bad enough, I discovered upon my return home that Avis had unilaterally decided to take €605 more of my money than they were actually authorized to. Of course, I immediately sent them an e-mail, only to get an automated reply stating that their […]

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VD 11 – KLM vs Literature

So why, I hear you ask, are you all dancing around Grayson Bray Morris? The answer is a tad involved, I’m afraid. Yes, it is true that last weekend was supposed to be a (semi-) serious writers’ retreat, with critiquing, writing exercizes, lots of laughter, and good food. And it was all that, in at […]

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