LonCon3 Schedule

Also known as Aaaargh!


With only a day and a half to go before I fly to London, I’ve finally gained some insight into my schedule and plans for the Con. They seem to involve a lot of talking, a lot of feeding, a lot of drinking, and even a book signing!

In between, there’s other programme items I might like to attend. And while all of this is going on, I’ll still have to find time to write daily reports for Hebban.nl, take notes for the report I’ll write for Europa SF, and perhaps even do some of my own writing?

(Hence the Aaaargh.)

Here, then, is my prospective LonCon3 schedule:

Thursday 14

Friday 15

  • 10:00: I Like My Secondary World Fantasy A Little On The Techy Side (Panel)
    To what extent can the kinds of narratives common in secondary world and epic fantasies find a home in these kinds of settings? Is technological development less “believable” in a world with magic?
    With Django Wexler (moderator), Robert Jackson Bennett, Glenda Larke, Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • 19:00: SFWA Reception
  • 21:00: Dutch Boozefest

Saturday 16

  • 8:30: Codex Breakfast
  • 10:00: Signing
    There is still time to pre-order my books for your signing pleasure! Go to my webshop, select what you like, and choose LonCon3 pickup as the (free) shipping method!
  • 15:00: Always Outside, Looking In (Panel)
    How do writers from non-Anglophone countries relate to so-called “traditional SF”, and the expectations of Anglophone publishers and readers? What are the processes and considerations behind writing in a language that is not your first, or in seeing your work translated into English?
    With Thomas Olde Heuvelt (moderator), Aliette de Bodard, Jesús Cañadas, Ju Honisch
  • 21:00: Dutch Boozefest – the sequel

Sunday 17

  • 8:40: Flying home comatose.
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