Prisoner of war

short horror story

They were the enemy in a no-quarter war. The Junior war. No mercy, no prisoners. Except one day they took one… .

Publication history

Prisoner of War illustration


SF Revu reviewed Space & Time Magazine:
The “Prisoner of War” in the story by Floris M. Kleijne is a boy who, like all the children, had become infected with something that has driven him mad, making him want to kill all adults. This has happened all over the world in what is called the Junior Wars. One day, our narrator decides to capture one of them, someone he knew before the madness started. I won’t spoil things further and just say this was an imaginative, well-told tale.

Safe and tranquil

In the story, protagonist Sam has a recurring nightmare in which a ‘nameless voice’ repeats this fragment over and over. The contest to identify the source of the fragment and the speaker is now closed. The lucky winner can read Prisoner of war in his own mint copy of Space & Time Magazine issue 116, containing the story.

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Of course, the correct answer is that the distinguished actor Richard Burton speaks these words in Jeff Wayne’s musical version of War of The Worlds.

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