Dumb son

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Dumb Sonshort horror story

The story of sweet, mentally challenged Toby, his predilection for Chinese dumplings, and his confrontation with a serial killer.

Publication history

  • First published as podcast on Sniplits (November 18th, 2009)


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Dumb son


Toby walked to where he’d pinned his Big Chart against the wall and slid his new Trophy from his overall. He was right: it was an important piece. He laughed aloud when he saw where it went: it was a thigh! He’d carried a thigh in his thigh! It was a bit smaller than his own thigh though; it didn’t come all the way down to his knee.

Holding the flashlight closer, he could just make out the name on the Big Chart. ‘F-E-M-U-R’ he read, but it wasn’t like any other word he knew, so it would be hard to remember.

As carefully as he could, he put the thigh with the other Trophies, right where it belonged. Stepping back, he shone his flashlight over the whole collection. His favorite part, the skull, was right at his feet.

Dumb son (sample)